Walk in, sit down and shut up.

January 25, 2006

No, I didn’t mean YOU. I meant the idiots at SOE.

This is my take on the wonderful world of MMORPG’s. Most people spell out what that means here, but I assume you’re not an idiot with the number twelve flashing uncontrollably on the front of your VCR. In fact, I assume that you’re cool enough to no longer even HAVE a frickin’ VCR.

Like a Creature Handler in SWG, I’m going to stomp around the world of MMO’s and bitch. About what, you say? So…you DON’T play MMO’s. Noob. Trust me, there’s PLENTY to bitch about. In fact, just wait until they nerf Stalkers in CoH and you’ll see what I mean, big boy.

Keep your eyes here, and it’ll go downhill quickly. That’s a promise, and I don’t make promises lightly. Just ask the various cheerleaders I promised to marry if they’d sleep with me back in high school. I didn’t marry any of’em, but they didn’t look too disappointed.